Graphic Design / Tunes
Project Overview
After releasing two albums in college, I wanted to release another but utilized Kickstarter to raise funds to get a microphone to record album and then release for free.
My Contributions
Designed everything, wrote the songs and played the music. Rocked out.
I had gotten a guitar for my birthday when I turned 16. I wanted to prove my parents wrong when they said "you better not quit this after 2 weeks." I taught myself over the next few years to where I ultimately started writing original music and performing in college. A new hobby was born.

After an open mic a fellow musician and audio engineer major wanted to record my music. I released a relatively simple album a few months later and immediately started working on a second album with grand ideas.

I had always wanted to make an album with a chamber orchestra. I recruited a music composition major to score backing music. I'm incredibly proud with how it turned out.

For album number 3, I had graduated college and was playing sparingly around Chicago, but I still knew I wanted to record more music. Kickstarter was up-and-coming and I thought I'd give it a shot. I needed only a small amount of money for a microphone and then for all the rewards. I was successfully able fund this idea.

The problem with this record was I hadn't finished songs yet. It was a constant battle in my head to finish as quickly as possible as people had donated money. Luckily I finished what I needed and I recorded the album in my bedroom by myself and kicked it over to my engineer to edit/master it. Super happy with the whole project and how it ended up being a nice design exercise as well.

Flash forward and I desperately want to make another album. Soon, right?

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The Process
Designer / Musician
2010 — Jan 2013