Optum Rx

UI/UX Design
Project Overview
Redesigning and re-platforming Optum Rx's member portal. Optum Rx is a digital pharmacy subsidiary of United Healthcare providing both pharmacy benefits and pharmacy services to its members.
My Contributions
Currently I'm leading the UI design for both checkout and orders experience for Optum Rx members. I also manage and maintain Optum Rx's design component library.
The Process
2021 - present
My teammates and I leverage member feedback and tracking data to identify necessary improvements from the legacy portal and integrate them into our new designs. We collaborate with product managers to define the scope and ensure alignment with their roadmap. When seeking design feedback, we partner with the research team to conduct studies.

Over the past year, we've optimized our workflow by implementing smaller, dedicated teams focused on what we call "microproducts." For example, I lead the UI of two microproducts: Checkout and Orders. My team comprises of three UX designers, one copywriter, one accessibility engineer, and myself (the UI designer). Together, we design the entire Checkout and Order experience across our various portals (General Member, Specialty, Infusion, and Mobile App). The primary objective of this redesign is to migrate the website away from the aging and outdated legacy portal, replacing it with faster and user-friendly experiences.

Additionally, I created the Figma design components utilized by all Rx microproduct teams. Currently, I'm implementing variables and restructuring the library for enhanced maintainability