UX Design
Project Overview
Over the course of a few years MyDISH, DISH Network's existing customer website, had grown stale. The site had split into two domains (Unauthenticated and authenticated) and the design patterns diverged making the website disjointed and a poor experience overall. Fast forward to 2019, development teams are bringing the URLs back and we're piloting DISH's new design system with a fresh, user-friendly site.
My Contributions
I'm specifically leading the design of the website while collaborating with another designer on the design system. I'm a part of a small team of 4 (2 designs/2 researchers) designing this site from the ground up.
The Process
UX Designer
2018 - present
We're designing this site to hit our average customer demographic (rural folks in their 50's), while also utilizing modern design patterns to attract to urban & suburban customers.

But where to start? My teammates that run the existing site, pulled customer feedback, while I gathered feedback from the mobile app. We saw interactions that work in the app (which is newer) and what doesn't work on the website, to get a quick baseline.

Next, we worked with our business partners to tackle what the most common flows were on the site. After we determined the bulk of our traffic and usage of the website, we began to tackle and simplify the navigation. We made our versions of the nav then tree tested with customers to verify our decisions were correct.

After we locked down the nav, it was finally time to begin narrowing down our design. The biggest challenge we also faced was simultaneously building a new design system to use in the enterprise and pilot that on this project.

I specifically began designing a new payment flow based off a design I had done in the app. It was incredibly popular and much less cumbersome than the existing desktop experience. We then tested that flow with customers to see if it was usable. It was! It's exciting to see where the users are taking us.

We're continuing to build out the website to be user-centered and hope to launch most of 80% of the most trafficked pages soon.