Design System

UX Design
Project Overview
DISH Network's visual landscape across the enterprise is very disparate. Acquisition, care, player sites look nothing alike, yet it's all the same product.
My Contributions
I'm building the symbol library for Sketch using Invision's new DSM product, while also championing the design system amongst other designers and leadership.
The Process
UX Designer
2019 - present
Creating a design system at a large enterprise without a single design team has been challenging. That's part of the problem for DISH's design culture, there's not a single voice leading the design direction for the company, so it's been a grass roots effort to recruit other designers in the company.

The core team leading this effort is myself and 2 other designers. We're building a system that is accessible and inclusive for our users. We have WCAG 2.1 compliant  contrast for our elements and color scheme.

When building out the symbols for the other designers to use, we made both a Light/Dark mode or as we call it Day / Night. Each component also has two backgrounds for each mode to give as much flexibility as possible. In addition, Campfire fire is made to consume other brands by using a primary interaction color from their palette.

It's been a long evolving process building out the system and Invision switching how their tool works helped us clean up a lot of design debt and pay more attention to night mode.